PedTerra is on a mission to help bring barefoot shoe brands to the US and to provide you with a source to shop the largest variety of minimalist shoes all in one place!

We work hard to acquire many different brand and styles so everyone can find a shoe that fits! We are continuously growing to be able to provide shoes for every milestone and season of life. Our selection of shoes is carefully and thoughtfully handpicked to fulfill barefoot standards and provide your feet with healthy footwear options. 

We absolutely love to help and want to share our expertise knowledge about our shoes, how they fit and be able to offer suggestions and guidance! We pride ourselves on truth and honesty with the goal of always providing the best customer service. 

At Pedterra, we are dedicated to simplifying the process of buying healthy shoes for yourself and your children. Our experts have curated a selection of the best barefoot shoes on the market and brought them to your doorstep! We know how challenging it is to purchase shoes online, which is why we feel it is necessary to extend free shipping and returns* to you! 

I am Jessica Freson, the owner and founder of PedTerra. As a family, we have always gravitated towards a more natural lifestyle. I learned about barefoot shoes through trying to fit traditional shoes onto my toddlers super thick and wide feet. Me pushing and forcing her little toes into those shoes just didn't seem quite natural. So I started researching wide and extra wide footwear for kids when I came across minimalist shoes, which are naturally wide. These minimalist, or barefoot, shoes are purposely designed to be the shape of the foot. The problem wasn't my daughter's gigantic foot, it was the traditional tapered shoes I was trying to get her into! 

After reading all about barefoot shoes and the benefits for your entire body by wearing shoes more closely resembling being barefoot, it clicked for me. Our bodies were designed to walk barefoot, that is the most natural state our bodies want to be in. I purchased my first pair of barefoot shoes and was amazed at how wonderful my not only my feet, but also my knees, hips and back felt. It is  true: Once you go barefoot, you never go back! 

I hope that you will continue to find great barefoot brands at PedTerra for your whole family! 

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*Please see our Return Policy here


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