Following these simple instructions will ensure that you get an accurate measure of your foot every time! 

  1. Find a blank sheet of paper. Standard letter paper works well.
  2. With the paper on the floor, step on the paper.
  3. If the shoe will be worn with socks, also measure with socks on. 
  4. Trace around the foot while keeping the pencil vertical at all times. Do not angle the pencil. 
  5. Step off the paper.
  6. Using a straight edge, measure the tracing from the longest toe to the heel in CM.
  7. Do this for both feet and record the length. 
  8. If one foot is bigger than the other, use the longer length. 
  9. Use the length to find the correct size shoe on the size charts provided for every product. Since many of our vendors are not from the US, you should use the EU size for maximum accuracy.
  10. Some companies recommend adding 0.5 cm to your length and then comparing with the charts, while other suggest adding 1.2 cm. So read the information about each company for the shoe you are looking for. 
NOTE: US sizing and inches are only for informative purposes. Each company has its own size chart. We recommend looking at the size chart for every product before ordering. 
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