Mukishoes Ash
The Ash from Mukishoes is a warm wool barefoot shoes model available in sizes 36-44. The 100% natural rubber sole is extremely flexible and allows your feet to move freely and the foot-friendly shape does not restrict toes. The Burel...
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Mukishoes Plum
The Mukishoes Plum tennis shoes model is a lovely, light barefoot shoe that features a 100% natural rubber sole, foot-friendly shape, and light organic cotton upper that does not restrict healthy foot movement. It’s highly flexible, available in sizes 36-44,...
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Mukishoes Chelsea Cork
The new vegan barefoot boot from Mukishoes, the Chelsea model, brings style, water resistance, and an incredibly light shoe all in one easy-to-wear package for sizes 36-43. The upper is made of cork, which is naturally water repellent and needs...
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