Marlin Sea Blue & Coral Pink

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Need some sandals for your kids in this nice weather? Marlin Sandals from ZeaZoo are a great true barefoot shoe option for any child. Their construction is as lightweight as possible without hard fasteners. The sole is amazingly flexible and gives a barefoot feeling, thanks to the Vibram® rubber sole. Marlin Sea Blue & Coral Pink sandal's are made from 100% natural leather that is free from formaldehyde and azo dyes. The lining is also free from chrome, formaldehyde and azo dyes making them safe and healthy for your child. ZeaZoo designs barefoot shoes that are wide, flat and flexible so children’s feet develop strong naturally.

All these Marlin Sea Blue & Coral Pink sandals have the wide width option, which does NOT increase the width of the sole (which is already wide), but rather increases the circumference of the shoes. This makes the shoes more comfortable for any child, but especially those with high volume feet. When looking at the chart in the photos for width, add +5mm for the correct circumference.

Smaller sizes (EU 25/26-30) have a 4 mm lightweight flat Vibram® Superflex sole. 
Larger sizes (EU 31-34) have a 6 mm lightweight flat Vibram® Superflex sole.


Brand: ZeaZoo
Color: Blue and Pink
Gender: Girls or boys who like them
Width: Medium, Wide
Works Well For: Variety of Foot Shapes and Widths, Great for Wide Feet, Great for High In-Steps
Special Properties:

Sole size up to 30-31: 4mm Vibram® Superflex rubber

Sole sizes 31-35: 6mm Vibram® Superflex rubber

Uppers: 100% Leather Free from Formaldehyde, Chrome, and Azo dyes

Lining: 100% Leather Free from Formaldehyde, Chrome, and Azo dyes

All are wide width, meaning an increase in circumference to increase the volume. 

Size Chart Explained: Please note the differences in the MARLIN size chart. The CM and INCHES columns are measurements for the insole of the shoe. The FOOT CM column is the manufacturers recommended length of the child's foot for that size shoe. 

We carry shoes from multiple companies, and each style may fit differently. To ensure you are ordering the correct size shoe, please measure your child’s foot in CM and find the corresponding size in the product size chart. Your size may vary from brand to brand and product to product. The US size provided is for informational purposes only. When in doubt, please email us with any questions. We love to help!

Here is a printable size chart from ZeaZoo for MARLIN SHOES: 

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